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Shannon Nelson
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Suffice to say that I started out as a child, moved on to a geeky and artzy teenager, chose a technical profession while in college, met and married an artistic wife, found a job, and am raising an active family.


My professional resume can be found here.

Beyond my professional life, I do play on computers at home, too.  We have had Win98, Win2k, WinXP, FreeBSD, and Linux actively talking to each other, but have trimed it down to just Linux and WinXP.  I also have a CP/M based Kaypro-II lying around, a couple of PalmPilots, a couple of fancy cellphones, and an abacus.  I do a little web work for friends on the side, and some experimentation on my own.

I got started dabbling in video while working for the PSU TV Services in college, then got involved in local cable access in the early '90's. I've recently been doing some home video work with my little Panasonic DV recorder . I've got my video editing tools setup on both WinXP and Linux, and have published a few videos on YouTube.

Hartke Bass Ever since I heard Dave G. at MADD camp exclaim how easy a bass guitar was to play, I'd wanted to try.  I finally bought a Hartke AK-4 and a Nemesis 2x10 amp a few years ago and set about learning how to play.  Since then I found that I like 5 string basses and usually use my Hamer Cruise or JBPlayer acoustic/electric.  I've been involved with a couple of bands, but no big hits yet - mostly playing for fun.  I have played a few other instruments, too, but things like a French Horn just don't have the same impact, unless you're in Deathtongue.

I've been in several choirs over the years: churches, middle and high school, college, and community choirs.  I have sung with the PLU Chorale, the PSU Chamber Choir, and David York Ensemble, and most recently sang with ISing community choir.

sterling MGBIn the summer I drive a 1972 MGB.  Yes, it has been a project off and on through out its lifetime.  It has been in the family since it was new, so I know all the little bumps and fillers - I made most of them.  I've had fun doing it.  When it is running well it is a joy to drive.  The rest of the time - well, it is a fine British motor vehicle made with Lucas parts, isn't it?  There's nothing like flying down a country road in the spring with the top down, your partner by your side, and a picnic lunch in the back. Well, that is unless it starts to rain.

Recently, we embarked on a journey to have my father-in-law's Piper Cub Piper J3restored. It is a wonderful little 1946 J3 that needed a lot of TLC in order to become flyable again. We have a video of it's first flight here. This is part labor-of-love, part memorial, part hobby, and part insanity. Vanessa earned her pilot's license shortly after high school, and I've been informed I need to learn to fly - another adventure!

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The lonely single paper I have published was on factory automation user interfaces, and is found in an obscure conference proceedings, but not so obscure that it can't be found on Amazon.

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